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About Swiss - Emigration Switzerland

Are you thinking about emigrating, are you in the middle of preparations or have you already emigrated? Then you've come to the right place. I have compiled all the information that is important for emigration to Switzerland on this website.

Well planned emigration to Switzerland

In the Switzerland Guide you will find everything that is important for preparing and planning your emigration to Switzerland. In order to keep an overview of your emigration, I have also prepared a checklist for moving to switzerland. If you want to print it out, you can also download it as a PDF version.

From emigrant to emigrant

In August 2011 I myself emigrated from Hamburg to Switzerland. Therefore, many topics contain my own experiences and often my personal opinion. During my own emigration I missed such a portal and had to collect a lot of information from different sources myself. I would like to make this work easier for you with this website. I have researched each topic extensively and have compiled it with a lot of love for detail.

Always stay up to date

You can find various topics about Switzerland and news about About Swiss in the „Blog" for emigrants. There you can read about events, interesting everyday topics, personal tips and a lot of Swissness. About Swiss is constantly being expanded. So something will happen again and again. Let us surprise you.

About Swiss forum

The About Swiss forum is the meeting place for emigrants in Switzerland, expats, cross-border commuters and Swiss people. In the forum you can ask questions, answer questions or simply chat to your heart's content. I am particularly proud of the cohesion, the way people treat each other and the attitude towards Switzerland. At the moment the Forum is still exclusively in German. An English version is already in planning.

About Swiss in the social networks

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Advisory services and offers

Reliable partners are needed for the move and the new insurance policies. Choosing the right provider can be difficult, especially at the beginning. We can help you with this.