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Swiss Super League Champion 1898 - 2021

Published: 16 May 2021

Statistics with a difference: all 124 Swiss men's soccer champions from 1898 - 2021 in fast forward. Who has collected the most titles in the Super League?

Only in one year the Swiss championship was not awarded. In 1923 FC Bern was deprived of the title because of the use of an unqualified player. The first champion in 1898 Grasshopper Club Zurich is not official. However, it is listed in the annals of the Swiss Football Association. Only during the 1st World War the game was reduced. Due to a special mode in the seasons 1931/32 and 1932/33 Lausanne could become Swiss champion as a first division team (second highest division). I wish you good entertainment at the exciting race of the bars.

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