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Tips for finding the best mobile phone provider

Published: 21 September 2022

The Swiss mobile communications market is not as closed as one might think: In addition to the three top dogs Swisscom, Salt or Sunrise, there are dozens of mobile discounters. Also known as MVNOs, the mobile discounters use the capacities of Swisscom, Salt or Sunrise in a reseller capacity. Favorable conditions are often characteristic here. Accordingly, there are far more subscriptions and offers on the market than it seems at first glance.

With this selection, there is the right offer for everyone. But we don't all have the same needs and usage patterns. In the meantime, however, there are also always good deals to be had. In the past, the most attractive offers were often found on alao*. On this platform, you can find your ideal cell phone subscription in just a few minutes, compare it, and order it easily. The platform searches for the best possible offer without giving preferential treatment to any of the providers.

Network coverage

A recurring theme in advertising is the "quality of the network" and its coverage: every operator claims to have the best network, relying on different tests. However, on closer inspection, one realizes that each test has different criteria and thus different results. In any case, all Swiss operators have much better network coverage and network quality than the German average. That's not hard to do, but even in a European comparison, all Swiss providers are above average. Accordingly, those who do not live in outlying areas do not necessarily have to place the greatest emphasis on network coverage.


The three network operators Swisscom, Salt and Sunrise also offer above-average speeds compared to other European providers. But beware of low-cost mobile subscriptions from the Swisscom network, which sometimes have significantly lower data speeds and are not sufficient for video streaming or video telephony, for example.

Subscription periods

Be sure to pay attention to the minimum contract periods. These can be very short (2 months) or very long (2 years). In return, however, a longer period can also offer some advantages (SIM card offered, discount on the cell phone, etc.). However, you are tied to one provider for longer. The advantages and disadvantages should be weighed up carefully. My recommendation: The minimum contract period should not be longer than 1 year. This way, you remain flexible enough and can still benefit from good offers.


The current trend is that many subscriptions include more and more data packages that are valid in Europe. This can be interesting for anyone who spends a lot of time abroad. However, if you only spend a little time abroad, it is better to buy additional international data packages for this time and pay less for your subscription.

Subscription or prepaid?

For infrequent users, prepaid offers are generally more advantageous than subscriptions. For all others, it is advisable to take out a subscription.

Customer service

As long as everything works well, customer service is not an issue. However, this is where low-cost providers try to save the most money. The hotlines are often chargeable and inefficient.


A close comparison of providers is worthwhile. If you want to save money, you should definitely look at the mobile discounters and use a comparison service. The alao* platform is a great support for this.

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