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Moving to Switzerland checklist

One year before moving to Switzerland

  Creation of a budget plan. What will the future cost of living look like? How much salary must come in and what can be planned for the rent?

  Examination of the application documents. Is my resume up to date? Are all references and certificates complete? Possibly have new application photos taken.

  Looking for a job.

  Have your teeth checked and complete any outstanding dental treatments. These are quite expensive in Switzerland later on and have to be paid for themselves.

  Have preventive medical check-ups and check vaccinations.

  Birth certificate and possible marriage certificate available?

  Inform extensively about Switzerland!


2 - 6 months before moving to Switzerland

  Terminate all contracts that are no longer needed within the specified period. These are, for example: job, apartment, electricity, gas, GEZ, TV connection, telephone, Internet, mobile phone, household insurance, liability insurance, car insurance, automobile club, other insurance policies that are no longer relevant, standing orders, subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, fitness club, other memberships, etc. Check with the insurance companies which are also valid in Switzerland.

  Clarification of the coverage of the health insurance for the time of the move and until the conclusion of the insurance in Switzerland.

  Check identity card and passport for validity. Not too close.

  Apartment search.

  Organization of the relocation. If not organised by yourself, ask for quotations from removal companies.

  Household: What is taken, what is sold and what is disposed of? Start with clearing out early.

  For pets: Check vaccinations.

  Keep or close bank accounts. In case of liquidation, it is essential to clarify the transfer of funds with the bank.


One month before moving to Switzerland

  Place a redirection order for the post.

  Register telephone connection of the new apartment.

  Take out health insurance. Health insurance is compulsory from the first day. Even if you have up to three months to find a health insurance, you pay the contributions retroactively from the first day. Therefore it is better to look for a health insurance before. At the latest when you register in the municipality you will be asked for your health insurance anyway. If necessary I can arrange suitable health insurance offers from my partnerships.

  Inform about and take out all other insurance policies. For household contents and liability insurance I can also arrange offers from my partnerships.

  Keep items of the move roughly on a separate list. Will be needed later at customs.

  With school-age children: Inform which school or kindergarten (day-care centre) is responsible and register in time and deregister in the old school or kindergarten.

  With regular use of medication. Plan a stock of 1-2 months. Inform about comparable preparations in Switzerland.

  Farewell party !

  Tell friends and family your new address.


One week before the moving to Switzerland

  Apartment handover

  Deregistration at the residents' registration office.


On the day of the relocation

  Do I have all the documents I need? Confirmation of deregistration, identity card or passport, employment contract, rental contract, driving licence, customs form and list of removal goods.

  Important! Do not take extremely large amounts of cash with you. When exporting from the EU of 10'000 Euro and more, the origin must be declared. Imports of 10,000 francs or more must be declared to Swiss customs and the origin must also be declared. It is better to clarify the transfer of larger sums with the bank.

  Entry with the removal goods must take place during the opening hours of customs.


In the first week after moving to Switzerland

  Registration with the municipality.

  Apply for a residence permit. Can often be done at the municipality at the same time as registration. Otherwise at the Office for Migration.

  Opening a bank account.


Until one year after relocation

  Re-registering the car. Important ! The deadline is 12 months for vehicles that have been imported as removal goods and only 1 month if the vehicle has been imported as a new car.

  Exchange your driving licence for a Swiss driving licence.


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